Encytos technology is an invention that allows extremely rapid cell growth. The technology relies on topographic designs enabling accelerated cell growth in a more complex way (spheroid). The technology is unique insofar as the cell grows directly on inorganic surface structures without the need for additional coatings or growth supplements. The Encytos material is quite inert, making the material an ideal candidate for different sterilization processes immediately before use. Encytos technology is compatible with confocal or fluorescence-based microscopes for cell development interrogation. The main application is the growth of primary cells and stem cells, which are usually difficult to grow or maintain.

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2D/3D spheroid and organoid culture

Complex 2D/3D spheroids from primary tissue samples as well as from tumor cell lines.


One-step CAF purification

Cancer-associated fibroblast (CAF) isolation from the primary tumor in 1 week.


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Enhanced differentiation

1) HT29 cell differentiation into lysozyme-positive Paneth cells

2) Neurosphere differentiation from adipose-derived stem cells in 24-48h without the need for differentiation medium.

Fast in vitro intestinal models