Press release

Take-off grant

Encytos has received an NWO take-off grant on the 22nd of June 2020. The take-off grant aims to prepare encytos for the entry into the European market. Encytos is a company founded by Silke Krol, Erwin Berenschot, and Arturo Susarrey-Arce. Enhanced cytosurfaces (encytos) technology enables the growth of 3D-cell models. Our applications include primary cells and stem cells.

Take-off news (dutch)


University of Twente and NovelT announces the new spin-off encytos B.V.

On the first of July 2021 NovelT announced under start-up and spin-off news the foundation of encytos B.V.

NovelT post


Venture Challenge Support for encytos

NWO decided to support encytos B.V. with funding as one of five teams in the Venture Challenge.



Encytos B.V. is one of the finalists for TOM's business blow out in the category "Best start-up"

"Voor de titel Beste Start-up komen industriële 3D-printing specialist TAM - Twente Additive Manufacturing uit Enschede, het in blockchaintechnologie gespecialiseerde Fluidensity uit Enschede en Encytos uit Enschede, dat een methode heeft ontwikkeld om medisch onderzoek te versnellen."

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