Encytos product

Product configurations

There are 2 configurations for the product. There is the square configuration, and there is the hexagonal configuration.

Square configuration
Square configuration
Hexagonal configuration
Hexagonal configuration

Product generations

5 different generations of the product are available at this moment.

Product generations
Product generations

Generation 0 (G0)

Applications: 2D/3D culture and Cell differentiation of adipose stem cells in neurosphere.

Generation 1 (G1)

Applications: Cell differentiation and One-step purification.

encytos products


Direct order for maximal five boxes is now possible. For price list and delivery details please contact arturo@encytos.com.


If the chosen product is in stock, we ship the boxes within 2-3 working days after receiving the payment. However, if the chosen product is out of stock or the order is superior to 5 boxes per selected item, we will contact you and discuss the delivery conditions and timing.


Encytos cares about the environment and opts to provide a recycling system for the shipment boxes. These boxes can be shipped back free of charge to encytos. Customers who participate in the recycling will receive a discount of 10% on the next shipment costs.