Enhanced CytoSurfaces

Primary cell culture
3D-cell culture
One-step cell purification
Enhanced cell differentiation

In vitro cell models for various applications

Encytos provides the platform to grow in vitro cell models for research, drug testing, toxicity screening, or advanced personalized medicine.

Encytos offers an innovative cell culture platform

Our technology is based on an inorganic topographic structured surface that does not require the addition of extracellular matrix molecules to foster a fast cell attachment and growth.



3D cell culture was never that easy

What is different?

Advanced stem cell growth and/or differentiation

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Higher safety against contamination

Do not lose your valuable long-term primary cell culture to bacterial contamination!

Sterilize as you wish before use, and then just plate your cells. No pre-treatment of the surface is necessary. Encytos technology is composed of a robust inorganic material resistant to all ways of sterilization. Fast cell growth helps to reduce the chance of contamination.

Special requirements?

Encytos has access to state of the art production facilities.
Special requirements upon request are possible.

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